Construction Services

QKS Technical Services LLC ( has been established to provide a range of A/C ducting services to the construction industry, specifically:

  • Manufacturing of pre-insulated ductwork products.
  •  Installation of pre-insulated ductwork products.
  • CNC Cutting of insulation products.
  •  Installation at site of insulation products for both ductwork and pipework.

QKS maintains excellent relations with the insulation panel manufacturers throughout the GCC and Europe, ensuring reliable sources of material to fabricate products to meet the UAE’s growing need for ducting Insulation, fabrication and installation. We have cutting equipment already installed for the insulation industry. We will also meet clients “green building” demands to keep buildings cooler in an energy efficient and sustainable manner, by offering new technologies into the UAE. QKS aims to become your “one-stop-shop” for all your ducting and insulation needs.

QKS has its fabrication facility in Dubai Investment Park, close to major suppliers of pre-insulated ductwork and panel insulation materials as well as being close to the Expo 2020 site where many construction projects will be located. The premises cover some 8,500 square feet, including office space within the factory for the management and operations staff as well as supervisors of fabrication staff. The factory is equipped with the latest PAL SuperCut Advanced CNC machine and software capable of cutting all the required parts for the pre-insulated ductwork and insulation industry up to 30mm panel thickness.

QKS also provide a full installation service. Within our fabrication facility, QKS have the scope to provide training programs on how to install pre-insulated ductwork, to make sure that our trained installers are fully capable before putting them out into the field. QKS are therefore able to offer a complete “supply, delivery and installation” service to our clients.