Decision Support

Quest has a joint venture with SABISU, the leading oil & gas Decision Support Platform software system ( SABISU is designed for asset and project management teams and is a full life-cycle Decision Support Platform. It provides early warning alerts and situational awareness through an integrated view of asset or project risk. SABISU is applicable in the following areas:

  • Capital Projects - SABISU provides decision support for the largest projects on the planet.
  • Asset Failure Prediction - SABISU uses industrial & enterprise data to identify underperforming assets and predict failures.
  • Energy Analytics - SABISU uses advanced analytics for energy consumption analysis, compliance reporting and predictive assessment.
  • Site & Production KPIs - SABISU generates KPIs automatically from the multiple systems that keep your site safe and productive.
  • Executive Teams - SABISU provides decision support for Executive teams with automatic reporting on a global or regional scale.
  • Predictive Alarm Analytics - SABISU offers advanced analytics to reduce alarm load and predict floods and cascades.

The SABISU Go App allows you to quickly and easily integrate any and all of your data into SABISU reports and analytics. SABISU Go App helps you extract the optimum value from your process data whilst making your reporting easy, fast and credible, (